About Ayers

Since 1996 Ayers has grown to be respected as one of the world’s finest makers of acoustic guitars. Founder of the Ayers company, Mr. Huang Chengfa grew up listening to the music of the Beatles, the Eagles and other classic Pop, Rock, Folk and Country artists. As a young man he longed to own a high quality guitar, but found that the cost of such instruments placed them beyond the average musician. He felt that it should be possible for all players to have access to top quality instruments at reasonable prices, and with his passion for music and drive for excellence he set about building a guitar-making factory in Vietnam.


World renowned Australian luthier, Gerard Gilet was engaged by Ayers to provide expertise and training, as well as design and materials advice in the new venture, and today Ayers stands proudly as one the world’s premier guitar brands. However, at Ayers, we are still able to produce instruments that are affordable for any musician.





 The factory

  Differing from nearly every other major guitar manufacturer, Ayers guitars are ALL completely handmade. There is no CNC machinery in the Ayers factory. The instruments reflect the highest standards of a bygone era when dedication to craft and quality took precedence over speed and quantity. Most of the dedicated staff at Ayers have worked here for over 10 years. Their woodwork and complimentary luthiery skills are second to none in the world.