Ayers Custom Shop

Ayers has been dedicated to high quality handmade guitars for 15 years and our experience enables us to perfectly turn your wishes and personal taste into a custom guitar! Ayers believes that every guitar is an integral part of a guitarist which refines his/her music and playing style. Welcome to Ayers custom shop and start to build your dream guitar now!


In between small and large it gives excellent balance. Suits for delicate fingerstyle playing with quick response and attack


with great bass-treble balance its versatility and size makes it a very popular model. Maybe the best all-rounder choice as it gives something from each world: great volume still controlled sound and great tonal richness.


A long-time favorite in the bluegrass and folk scene produces a deep and powerful sound (maybe) with unrivalled loudness still with proper approach without sacrificing the balance. The flatter waist lets the bass range to respond freely and it is great for powerful strumming.


The largest of our models. Its depth and size results in a powerful, energetic sound and richer bass range. It suits players with dynamic and energetic style where raw power is needed. The less defined sound creates darkness and deep resonance!


Small Jumbo
with more controlled feedback and resonance it makes a great stage guitar for amplified sound. The clearer and crisper sound works well for solo standout playing.


This size was determined by the ergonomic evolution of classical guitars. Its projection can surprise and is somehow not in proportion of its small size- of course not regrettably.

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